Corporate Training Video and Other Business Services

Blue Lizard Productions has a complete range of services to help small businesses and large corporations. Did you know that apart from the usual Corporate and Training DVDs there are many other ways a production company can help support your business? Listed below are some of the services Blue Lizard Productions provides. To help assist you with the preparation of your production, see our "Production Tips" and "Price Guide" pages. We also have a range of information papers, which are available by filling out the request form in the left column. Remember that if you have any requirements that are not listed please let us know, and if we can't help you we will do our best to put you in contact with someone who can.

Corporate DVDs:

Do you need a DVD to increase the profile of your company business or to support a new product release? Blue Lizard Productions is able to tailor a production to meet your needs and budget. After years of working in departments with limited budgets we specialise in value for money productions. You will be surprised by how economical it can be. See our information paper "What Next" available by request.

Do you have an exhibition coming up, a new product launch or just want to show clients a brief outline of what your company does? A promo is an effective and cost efficient way to achieve this. What is the difference between this and a corporate video? They are essentially the same but a promo is generally shorter and snappier. Graphics provide a very effective way to highlight key points without using a voice-over, alternatively a voice-over can be used with the script kept to a minimum. Remember too that for shows or exhibitions the promo can easily be looped for continuous playback. See our information paper "What Next" available by request.

OH&S and Training DVDs:

Whether it is for a classroom situation, staff in remote locations, or just to explain procedures or the use of new equipment at the workplace, a training or instructional DVDs is still one the most cost effective ways to get a message across. See our information paper on "OH&S and Training DVDs" available by request.

Filming and Editing:

Blue Lizard productions has a full range of Filming and Editing services . Filming can be in either High Definition or Standard Definition and rates start from a minimum of 3 hours. Half, full and multiple days are available. Editing rates start from a minimum of one hour with half, full and multiply day rates available.

Conference & Presentation Services:

Having a conference or a guest speaker visiting from overseas and need to capture the occasion? Blue Lizard offers a number of services, from just filming the event for archival purposes through to creating a DVD on that guest speaker, including editing in any stills, movies or PowerPoint slides that they may have. Contact us for a more detailed description of the services offered and remember, once the event has passed the opportunity is gone as well.

Updating Existing Videos or DVDs:

Has your company had a name or logo change or do you have an old video that you still use regularly which needs updating? Sometimes it may not be necessary to redo the whole production but just update part of it. Work out what changes you need and contact us and we will advise you on what can be done. In some cases we would need to see the old production to make an assessment. Also, please consider any copyright issues.

Media Support:

Many large companies are supplying TV quality file footage with their media releases. This will greatly increase the coverage you get from the TV networks and it can even make the difference between getting a run or not. Another advantage is that footage you supply is footage you know you would like seen.

Movies for the Web and Power Point Presentations:

Internet advertising is becoming one of the most dominant forms of exposure available, and as technology develops, the ability to show movies is getting easier. Why not showcase your company and its products by updating your website with video files? We can produce new or modify existing movies and supply the files in most of the popular formats ready for the web. Also, did you know that presentation software such as Microsoft Power Point support video? Imagine you are giving a presentation but instead of showing one or two stills to explain a difficult process you play a short video. Not only is it an impressive way to make your presentation interesting and memorable, but it can be a very useful educational and technical tool.

Display Loops:

If you have a shop front, reception area or exhibition and have a number of existing videos you may want to consider having them all compiled onto one DVD or video for display purposes. Blue Lizard Productions can do this, as well making modifications (Subject to Copyright).

Corporate Archiving and DVD Transfers:

VHS tapes have a shelf life. Depending on the quality and age, VHS tapes will lose their audio and picture quality. Converting them to DVD is a great way to prolong their life for archival purposes. We also do other format conversions and transfers.

As you can see Blue Lizard Productions does not just produce DVDs but offers a complete range of production services. Contact us with your requirements, or to organise a visit where we can show you our show reel, and don't forget the range of information sheets available by filling in the request form in the left column.

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