How to Make a Video and Improve Quality Whilst Keeping Costs Down

DVD production isn't as hard or as expensive as you think. Here at Blue Lizard Productions we have the expertise to be able to advise you on all the processes involved with your production. All you need to set things in motion is an idea and someone to liaise with, and you are on the way to having a good quality production at a cost much lower than you think. Remember that the more assistance we have from you the better the quality and the lower the cost. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First Consider the Following

Who is the target audience? The most important factor in a video is ensuring that the target audience is identified and that the production is tailored to them. It may be that different versions need to be produced, for example: A new product launch video may need two versions, one for staff focusing on new sales techniques and the other for customers highlighting more on the benefits of the product.
How will the production be delivered? Another important factor is how your production will be delivered to the audience. Producing a great production is pointless if no one gets to see it. Work out the different ways your audience may view your production and tailor the delivery methods to get maximum coverage.
When is it required? The more time available for production the better the quality. Rushed jobs never look as good and could end up being more costly.
What is the message you want to say? A simple rule to follow when writing a script or even a basic outline is to use the 5 W's as a guide: "WHO, WHAT,WHERE, WHEN and WHY". Always keep these in mind for the most basic outline to the final script.

Ways to save money (But you need to decide)

Script Professional writers create great scripts but add to the cost. If the budget is low, most organisations have someone with the talent to write a script, mainly from the communications or training areas. We can organise for a professional writer or we can work with you to produce the script. Another alternative is to have the script you write polished by a profession.
Hire talent or use staff and fr iends Using staff and friends can be fun and good for morale but they need to be suitable and most importantly want to be involved.
Do you need a professional Voice-Over Artist? Does your video need a voice-over or will timed graphics appearing on the screen suffice? In some cases you can't do without a voice-over, but if you can, the cost of the production can be greatly reduced. If the production does require a voice-over often staff members or friends would love the opportunity to have a go. Recording the voice-over on site not only gives the production a sense of being there but also saves on studio costs. Another alternative is to record a voice-over on location giving your production a real documentary feel.
Soundtrack We have some good soundtracks available free of charge. Whist they are OK it must be remembered that DVD quality can be improved greatly by a good sound track. This will increase cost.
Is there any file footage? File footage can greatly improve content, reduce production time and therefore costs. However, be sure you own the rights to anything used or seek permission from the authors. Examples of file footage include videos, promos, TV commercials or photographs.

These are just some of the many ideas and ways that Blue Lizard Productions can help with your production. For a more comprehensive look at video production we have our "what next" guide available on request, or we would be happy to discuss your needs in person or by phone.

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