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All video and audio experts agree that it wise move to have all your tapes and reels copied to another medium whilst it is still possible. Even recent digital media such as CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and portable hard drives have a limited shelf life. See “Why Copy Now” for more detailed information on this topic.

Blue Lizard Productions has the expertise and equipment to help you preserve your video material. For more information of our expertise see our “About” page.

Pick Up and Delivery Service

For those who want to take advantage of our pick up/delivery service the following applies. Please note that for most smaller jobs the delivery method may be by Electronic File Transfer with the tapes or reels dropped off at a later date if requested.

Guide Price for Video Copying

The table below is a guide price for the copying video and audio tapes up to a duration of 1 hour and encoded to either a MPG4 or a Pro Resolution HQ file. The prices are base on the video being dropped off and picked up from our studio, USB sticks and hard drives supplied and the videos being no more than one hour in duration. Follow the table below are the prices of additional survives we provide including Pick Up/Delivery service and supplying USB sticks and hard drives.

Tape Format1 to 5 Tapes (To 1 hour in duration)6 to 20 Tapes (To 1 hour in duration)20 plusTapes (To 1 hour in duration)
VHS (Small Tapes)$282420
VHS (NTSC)$353025
Hi8/8mm/video 8$30$26$22
Digital Betacam/SP Betacam$80$70$50
U-Matic (Low Band)$90$80$70
J-Series/EIAJ (5 or 8 inch reels)$180$160$140

Addition Add of Costs